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Hi, I’m Dr. Puddles Cuddles, a certified cuddleologist, mindfulness expert and all around wellness guru. I’ve found peace in learning to live life to fullest. I hope you will join me on my wellness journey as we splash through the puddles of life together.

Peace, Love, and Cuddles.

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Goodbye Goten

Contributed by Whiskers, Food & Fitness Expert My Piggies. Today is a solemn day, so please excuse the lack in my normal enthusiasm and cheerfulness. I wasn’t meant to write a blog post today, in fact Puddles had something a lot different in mind, but all of that changed yesterday when we had to sayContinue reading “Goodbye Goten”

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About Me

I am a certified doctor with my doctorate in cuddleology from the University of Puddles! My aim in life is to make sure you are living yours to the fullest extent. Read more about me and my guest contributors.

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Disclaimer: Dr. Puddles Cuddles is not a real doctor, he is a guinea pig. All ideas expressed in this blog are intended for entertainment purposes only and are based on our personal experience owning guinea pigs. You should always consult your vet when it comes to the proper care for your pet. Every guinea pig is different.

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